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competely random thoughts

so i have decided that i have an obsession with this synth pop/electro band called freezepop. i mean COME ON!!!! even the name is good. they get me so pumped up!

i mean come on....think of these lyrics: "want to get from here to there, a bike can take me anywhere. it's not mine, but i don't care. i've had enough of playing fair. I AM A BIKE THEIF." with a hot beat and robotic vocals. so damn good. hahaha.

on a diff note. my b-day is in 9 days!!!! NINE. i will be 21 mother fuckers! and no, i am not gonna be the alcohol bitch. i am already the taxi bitch. and not even that anymore. fuck u guys that claim to be my friends, u aint gonna get no underage booze from this lass.

god i am bored.....i just want to see jon but i still have 2 hours. stupid UPS hours. i NEEEEED to see my hubby. ♥

FINALLY.....i was being harassed by a jesus freak in school yesterday all because he was doing something unholy by easdropping on my conversation and heard me say "jesus christ". and when he finally decided to shut up and leave, he said "god bless u". i felt like the exocist getting burning holy water thrown on me. it sucked hardcore. i hate preachers. there is no god u pathetic and sorry excuses for intelligent terestrial beings.
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